I’ve been testing out the new Core Gold Mount Fx6 battery plate. Core has designed the plate to be as small as possible around the three Gold Mounts that connect the battery to the plate, and this goes the same for the Nano batteries. I’m impressed by how there is no space between the outer edges of both products, making it as small as possible while incorporating the locking mechanism and latch in one.

I feel with any product there are pros and dislikes, or more of a wishlist.

Likes :

Dislikes, or what I would hope for :

This is mainly my B camera to my Fx9 and I’m trying to keep it as small as possible, however I did not want to buy extra U98 batteries and chargers, so I feel like having this battery plate and the Nano Micro 3 stud Gold Mount core batteries is a great alternative. During this shoot I was just charging my batteries from the D-Tap charger, which is so perfect for traveling in this case.

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