Core FX6 Battery Plate

  • Compact, lightweight and sits close to the camera body. Easy to still use the camera handheld.
  • Designed around the limitations of the 3 point Gold Mount connections, making it as small as possible.
  • Slides up and down and also hinges up, which makes easy access to the battery compartment.
  • Can run a camera battery in conjunction with the battery plate.
  • Attaches to the cameras 1/4 inch accessory holes with two screws, either with a screwdriver or fingers.
  • Four power outlets, D-Tap, Usb, Lemo and 19.5 to power the camera.
  • One power input to run the camera from the mains power supply via the battery plate.
  • The mains power supply input does not power the D-Tap, Usb and Lemo power accessories, you still need a battery on the battery plate for that (which is the same on the Core Fx9 battery plate).
  • The mains power supply feels a little redundant because of what I mentioned above, plus the camera power supply input is easily accessible with this plate attached to the camera, so you could easily power the camera from the direct input.
  • I would have liked to see the battery plate input go to a dummy battery, which would allow battery information to be displayed on the screen.



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Stephen Greaves 🎥🐨

Stephen Greaves 🎥🐨

Freelance Australian camera operator and editor located in New York. I can be hired to shoot and edit video content. Head over to my website. PMW-F5 w/ Cn7.